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How to Manage Night Shift

Having night shift work is challenging. You are fully awake the whole night until dawn and sleep at a time when the sun is at its brightest. It is hard to get sleep especially if you are in a room that absorbs all the light from the outside.

But when you get a chance to sleep at night, the situation hasn’t changed. This time, the very bright street bulb outside your room still lightens every corner of your place. Not getting the sleep you need is definitely frustrating and tiring. In times like this, there’s a certain thing that will save you from all the burdens given by outside light – curtains.

A window curtain with a thick rubber-like lining attached to the back is the best design when you decide to shop. The polymer material in the lining helps absorb light from the outside, preventing it to directly hit your room. It also creates a darker hue. Having this hanged on your windows can definitely give the kind of sleep you’re looking for.

You can buy blackout curtains online or even at department stores. You don’t have to stick to black colored curtains just to stop the light from entering your room. The lining can be attached to anything and yet, still serves its purpose for you.

The presence of the linings can give us more freedom to choose what color of curtains we want to hang.

You can ensure 99% blackout, depending on the thickness of the curtain linings. If they are three times thicker than the usual measure of rubber polymer, you can certainly have 99% protection from light.

Since the linings are thicker, you can expect them to be heavier, too. So as part of your precautions, make sure that the rods or rails are durable enough to stand the heaviness.

Not only can you use the blackout curtains from covering your room from light. You can also hang them on your window during winter to absorb the frostiness brought about by the weather. Apparently, they are multi-purpose. So get them now at very low costs.

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