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Turn Fear Into Love

If you look around you, there are fear messages all around you. The news is saturated with fear messages and most conversations tend to revolve around some form of fear. With fear being in the main stream, it can be challenging and you can even get weary if you’re trying to hold the light when no one else seems to be doing that around you.

I get it. I’ve seen angels since I was a child. I read people’s energies and know things about them that they may never understand. I’ve brought bugs back to life when they were squooshed and it seemed there was no hope for them with my healing gift. I’ve fought for my right to just feel what I feel without being told I’m crazy or too sensitive and in the process of it all I have lost myself many times, fallen and scraped my knees more times than I can count, lived on the streets, I have been beaten and still I wondered why no one else felt the things that I did deep in my soul.

One word. FEAR.

Everyone is emotionally sensitive. Everyone has spiritual gifts. Everyone can tap into their inner wisdom, the light, God, Infinite Spirit and be in the flow of manifesting what they desire. Many have lost their way.

They’ve been told to be a certain way. Boys have been told not to cry, to tough it out and macho up. Girls have been told “Shhhh… that’s not very lady like” and this still happens because I see it every day. Over the years people have been placed into categories, held up to expectations by others, told they were bad, given tools for war rather than tools for peace and love and now we live in a world where people are struggling to feel love, struggling to feel happy and struggling to get through tough times.

So let’s bring in some light. You may identify with some part of this. I wanted to be transparent because there is a gift in my rich past experience and I know that. I would be selfish not to share it with you so I share it with the intention that it spark some light within you.

How to turn fear into love.

  1. First of all you must be willing to buck the crowd at times. Not everyone is going to get the light right away. Some may go away and others may take a while to come around. It’s not about them. It’s about YOU claiming your right to light and to living your life from that place. That means getting up and sending light to the people in your home, at work, at the store and doing everything you do in the light.
  2. Create a practice that will help you tune into more love and light in your heart. Meditate, journal, read spiritual books, join a spiritual group, hire a mentor who can hold the space for you and practice saturating yourself in lighter thought forms, lighter feelings, lighter perceptions. The heavier stuff will start to fall away.
  3. Face the fears about being in the light and thinking you’ll be rejected. When you release rejection and the fears around BEING YOU for all that you are then a cellular change begins to take place. Energetically you begin to shift into a different way of being. You’ll naturally be in harmony with the world around you and resistance, challenges and obstacles will start to disappear.

You have a right to be the light. In fact it is your spiritual responsibility to everyone on this planet. Fear has only created pain, separation and war. Only love and light will remove fear from your life.

You owe it to yourself, your family and the rest of the world to finally drop your story, drop the fear, drop the pain, drop the drama and claim today that you will begin to write a new story that will fulfill you, heal you, nurture you, support you and in turn spread to those around you.

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