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Are You Bored More Today Than Ever Before?

The question is being asked a lot today, can we be more bored today than ever before. Let me discuss how this can be possible today. With all the cool innovations and technology increase you would think the opposite.

Technology is an area I want to talk about first. Everyone today has things like cell phones, computers, mp3 players etc. These electronics have taken us away from the real world. We have been so far removed from what used to have to be done manually. There was a time when you made friends in person, a time when you had to go home to make a call to someone, and also a time when you sent good snail mail letters to someone like in the past.

Many times today people use so much technology in their lives that they often can get more done than ever before. This you would think should be a good thing right? Well it actually can be very bad. For one thing people do not have to make interactions with people that they used to have to. People now have more time on their hands now that things are being taken care of quicker. If they are not involved in anything or they don’t keep busy they can become very bored. With more and more people falling into this scenario we have a huge problem now to deal with.

A combination of people being super bored and the growing concern of people not having many friends today this is a very large problem. This can all lead to great amounts of people becoming depressed today. People are also spending much more time inside alone by themselves as well. This new generation of great new technology and great innovations you would think should be keep everyone busy in their modern lives. It can now be shown that people are actually suffering from being very bored and not knowing how to deal with all this advancement in their modern lives. Another reason many people being bored is bad is because it is very unproductive and many people having this issue can make a very negative impact.

In conclusion I hope people can now see that people are suffering from being bored more than ever before today. This is a much bigger problem than it might seem. So if you think you might be fitting into this category I hope this helped you.

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