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Time is Money and Life is Health

How much would just one more productive day, that you would otherwise lose to sickness or ill health, mean to your income? Is it worth your time (say 5 minutes) to learn how to avoid missing out on however much income your day is worth to you? If so, please read on…

Good health is predicated on three main things, really. Get any one of them wrong and you can suffer greatly for it, perhaps even costing your life as a result. First is avoiding accidents, and second is also avoiding all sources of toxic substances or contagious contacts. While you might think you’re doing a good job of this, have you considered the poisonous chlorine and its byproducts, and fluoride in your drinking water (or equally toxic pseudo-hormones from those “convenient” plastic water bottles)?

And what about the toxic mercury in amalgam dental fillings, or aluminum in baking powder, antacids or spray deodorants? Have you considered all the harmful effects related to “natural flavorings” (such as monosodium glutamate or MSG), artificial colorings (from coal tar derivatives), and the artificial vitamins that “enrich” your food? What about all the natural enzymes and vitamins destroyed by heat in over-processed canned, frozen and fast “foods” that are lost in the process? Some of these are so vital to life the absence of them has created a literal explosion in America’s real #1 killer disease: CANCER! Yes, you read that correctly.

Heart disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control’s own statistics, is definitely NOT the #1 killer the majority of the “news” media have claimed it to be. At least not for every age group younger than 85! And while heart disease, although a serious malady, continues to decline every year — as it has for the past three decades — cancer has grown year by year, over the same period of time, killing more people today than ever before. Surely not only these diseases, but the down time required in diagnosing and (mis)treating — usually resulting only in death, finally — these forms of ill health have caused, has resulted in more lost income than any other reason.

Plus the ineffective treatments that fail (because they concern themselves only with the effect and not the cause of the illness), in the end, drain what little savings or wealth the sufferers and their families have managed to accumulate, if any. Would you rather continue working blinded to this obvious truth, knowing that the buzz saw of cancer and the mass compactor of heart disease are operating relentlessly nearby? Or are you smart enough to wake up, listen and learn what the many victims of these two modern plagues failed to recognize until it was too late?

The third major cause of lost time and income due to ill health is the lack of adequate or even good nutrition. You can be “well fed” but starved of real nutrition, over-fed but malnourished, and satiated with worthless trash “food” unfit to feed even to the animals. Think of all the household pets now mistreated with a manufactured “food” diet, including foods you also eat, that have led to an outbreak of heretofore nonexistent modern diseases such as these. Isn’t it time you made some informed choices about what fuel you put into your personal “tank” for energy and sustenance?

Until you do, you can count on more missed days, and lost income that can never be regained. And these days, that could be a significant — even life-threatening — loss to recover from… If recovery is even possible! Learning all about how cancer is caused, spreads, and how it can be halted in its tracks is no accident. It takes years of dedicated research and study in education far beyond anything presently taught in even the most “advanced” medical schools today.

As the old saying goes:

You may have either X number of years of experience and growth in knowledge, or 1 year of failed experience repeated X number of years. Most of those with doctorates have chosen the latter path, following the lead of their mentors and professors, who also followed the same false path paved by those who preceded them. Many generations of medical experience along the same lines of failed allopathy have led to the same (or even worse) results, without exception! Do you want to be the next victim of this entrenched ignorance, or would you rather escape this fatal net entirely?

The choice is all yours, and it depends entirely upon what you put on your plate and into your mouth, every meal and snack, from here on out for the remainder of your life! Time is all you have in life that is yours to use in whatever way you see fit. Money is the result of wisely using your time in the most productive ways possible. And your money is the result of the time you have available, so long as you are alive, vibrant and well enough to be a producer or worker. To get the most out of your life, even in those areas entirely unrelated to money, but even more important to your emotional and physical well-being, you must feed yourself only the most nourishing and natural food available, whatever the cost.

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