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Law Of Attraction – Is It A Fantasy?

The Book and the movie “The Secret” stimulated and motivated a whole lot of people. The book was on the best seller list in 2006 and sold over 21 million prints. It was founded on the concept of the “Law of Attraction” and talked about how people can have what ever they hunger to have in life by just thinking positively, concentrating on what they have a passion for, having faith in that they will have what they want and thanking ahead of time for the results they would like. It picked up plenty of worldwide popularity because it made the “Law of Attraction” appear to be an effortless way to achieve everything you desire in life without having to take any real action.

It promoted the view that you can receive nearly anything you desire even if you are passive. Deciding what you desire, writing up your goals, imagining having already reached your objectives and believing that you can get what you want is preparing yourself to take action, it is not action itself. Without a doubt, the notion of getting anything in the absence of actually working for it appeals to the masses. The majority of individuals would more willingly do all the things that the “The Secret” taught instead of taking the actual actions and working to achieve their goals.

I must admit, for a longtime I remained a huge follower of the movie. I even called buddies to sit down with me and watch the movie. I loved it! It motivated me, gave me hope and it energized me. I can’t even recall how many times I viewed it.

But unfortunately, the trouble is that the ‘Law of Attraction’ does not function if you tend not to take any specific action! Taking action is vital if you want to have or achieve anything in your life. “The Secret” failed to address that. Things don’t just come into being by you thinking about them and focusing on them. It would be wonderful if they did, but they don’t.

So, is the “Law of Attraction” valid?

Without a doubt, I do believe that the”Law of Attraction” is real. In fact, I believe it is very real. I have seen it work several times in my own life. But and this is a big but, it only works when you take action! You can daydream all you want, you may even realize just exactly what you want, you can write your goals, you can put images up of all the things you want, you can say affirmations all day long, but you will only have in life what you want if and when you take action!

You see, whenever you take action, all the things that “The Secret” explained will start working in your favor. All the things that you desire will begin coming closer to you as you take actions. Without taking actions, your system of receiving what you want is incomplete. Accept this and understand this and you will start noticing exactly why some people succeed and others don’t.

Alright, so what type of actions do you need to take? You need to take actions that actually bring you closer to reaching your goals. Listing your goals is not action; it is getting ready to take action. Looking at images of what you wish is not action; it’s a means to help remind yourself of what you have a passion for. Believing that you can have what you want is not action; it is preparing yourself psychologically to recognize the opportunities that will show up that can help you achieve your goals. All of the above things are good and should be done, but you have to do something that realistically helps you achieve your goals. In other words, take action!

If you are in an MLM endeavor, placing ads is taking action, calling your MLM prospects is taking action, actively Blogging is taking action, doing MLM business meetings is taking action, you get the idea.

I am certainly not an expert in the “Law of Attraction”; however I have discovered from experience in making an effort to achieve my own goals (in MLM and all areas of my life) is that once you take specific actions, the Universe works in strange ways to help you achieve your goals. Get busy doing things to get what you want in life and the Universe will present you with opportunities that will astound you.

Therefore, my friend, figure out just what you wish and then take action! Imagination is a wonderful thing, but it needs to be supported by action.

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