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How Do You Keep From Getting Depressed and Deflated While You Search?

You feel like you are doing all the right things, networking, sending out resumes, talking to people you meet and still nothing! The best advice I can give you to begin with is seeing yourself in the position you want. There is scientific research available today that proves visualization works. See yourself in the job you want and spend a few moments each morning and before you fall asleep each night with that image in mind. Do your best to try to maintain a positive outlook through it all. Make sure you allow time every day to take a walk, take an hour and go to the gym, eat a nutritious diet and stop talking about how bad it is! The more you talk about how bad it is the more you feel how bad it is. Don’t listen to the evening news as that will surely depress you.

Surround yourself with positive people and try to focus on what is right in your life. Words are powerful so be careful what you talk about and say during your day, all of which can have an impact on your psyche. Take a class as I mentioned earlier. It will keep you current, looks good on the resume and you meet more people. Any place people gather is good! I also, suggest that each day you get yourself up as if you have a job, brush your teeth, shower, have coffee, read the paper and check emails. Continue whatever your morning ritual was before you lost your job. If you look good during the day you will feel even better about yourself. Do not sit around all day in your pajamas, un-showered! Force yourself to get it together.

Dress as though you are ready for anything. Be mindful about being too productive around the home. In our need to feel useful, we find ourselves getting off course in our job search to work on something in the home. Put off projects till the week-end so that you are not heavily vested in a home project which takes you off track and creates an excuse for not finding a job. “Once I finish this closet, then I’ll get back to my search.” Don’t get caught in that mindset. This is how one week out of work turns to three months to six months. STAY FOCUSED!!

Remember your job is to find a job! It can be depleting but stay with it! This is another good reason for keeping an activity list of whom and where you called and the action steps. You can look back and see how productive you have been. Sometimes we feel because we are not working we are not doing anything. You are. Looking for work is a real job; although unpaid, it is still work! Keep a good balance during the days and weeks ahead!

This handbook will act as your personal job coach. It includes every pertinent subject from how to write a compelling resume to effective opening and closing statements during the interview to how to stay on track throughout the search. I am confident that after you read this handbook, you will be armed with enough insider knowledge to land your job, whether the economy is good or bad.

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