30 Coolest Love Quotes

Love a beautiful and most liked relationship of the world. Love means caring other more than yourself. According to some experts love is a relationship which can never be created by will, it automatically created between people. This fact can easily be proved by reading novels and stories of lovers.All the lovers don’t even recognize other before love relationship created between themselves. Shakespeare the biggest defender of love has beautifully highlights love in his novels and stories and all support the argument that love is happened between individuals without their will and love is created spontaneously.

Love quotes are those quotes in which love words are written and in love relationship expression of love is very important because if you fail to express your love feelings to your lover, successful love relationship cannot come into existence. Expressing love feelings to lover is not an easy task, it need huge stamina and power. So, lot of lovers fails to successfully express their love feelings. For them, I must say they can take the help of love quotes to express their love feelings. Just sending love quotes to your lover is and must be a beautiful expression of love. The reason behind writing on this topic is mainly the, giving strength to those lovers who fails to express their feelings. Hey, use the given below love quotes and express your love feelings.

Some coolest text love quotes.

  • Love is like a rain drop perfect in shape and form until it hits the pavement then its there no more!
  • Confidence is a bridge, faith Is a hand.
  • The best proof of love, is trust
  • You are my night in shinning armor who came galloping up on his white horse to rescue my heart for ever.
  • Sometimes the deepest impressions on your heart can be made by the lightest touch
  • If anyone accused me of being heartless, its only because you have it
  • Guys are like roses watch out for there thorns!
  • I want to tell you i love you But you aren’t ready to be a man And i just sit here waiting cause I’ll love you forever
  • It’s Ok to kiss a fool, it’s ok to let a fool kiss you, but never let a kiss fool you.
  • I have given something to you, please never give it back, my heart is your forever.
  • The greatest thing in life, is to love, and be loved in return
  • Just because some one doesn’t love you the way you want them to doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all the have
  • He Breaks Your Heart, You Cry, You Build A Bridge, And You Get Over It.

Some Coolest Picture Love Quotes

1. True Love Begins

love quote

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2. Love Is A Promise

Love is really a promise, promise makes love relationship more strong. People in love strongly admire that promise is one reason in strengthening the love relationship.

love quote and note

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3. If I had A Flower

Wow, these are some of the words which the girl friends loves to listen from their boyfriends. True and beautiful love quote.

love quote and sayings

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4. Just Because I'm Busy

love quote 21

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5. Love Never Fails

This love quotes simply saying, if you have real feeling for other, then it is not possible that love will fail.

love never fails

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6. When You Finally Find

If you find somewhere which is perfect for you and you admire the fact that he/she will be your perfect life partner, just express your feeling and make him/her your life partner.

love need truth

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7. In The End, The Love

Love is a give and take relationship. If you love someone, he will love you more.

love mottos

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8. I'm Totally Crazy In Love

love expression

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9. Love Don't Need Reasons

For getting yourself in love relation, you don't need any reason. Love will automatically happen between people.

love don't need reason

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10. Johnny Depp Love Quotes

johnny depp love quote

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11. I Love You

I love you

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12. Love Quotes And Saying

love quotes and sayings

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13. I Like To Look


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14. I Love You Quotes

i love you quotes

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15. I Love You Everything About You

i love you everything about u

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16. Friend Love Quotes

friend love quote

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17. One Word Free us

love quotes

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18. Two Souls In Love

cute love quotes 81

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19. Go For Someone Who Makes You Smile

cute love quote

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20. Cool Love Quote

cool love quote

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21. Beautiful Love Quotes

beautiful love quote

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22. Sad Love Quotes

Sad Love Quote

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23. Simple Love Quotes

simple love quote

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24. Sweet Love Quotes

sweet love quotes

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25. Love is illogical Quote

This love quote can be true, because some of the love gurus said, when people indulge themselves in love their life objectives and missions get changed and sometimes love makes their life hell.

love is illogical quote

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Now what you say, love is important for life. If yes, share the given above love quotes to your love and strenghten you love relationship.


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