20 Awesome Wisdom Quotes

Wisdom is sense of human body and person remain safe from damages, deceive, fraud if he utilizes it before starting any work or agreement. Nobody is able to define it into some words. A person who takes good decisions is symbol of wisdom in community and everyone thinks he is wise. People meet with him and take help on their daily life problems.

Generally, Every community has concept when persons grow old their wisdom sense is more polished. For example a 60 year old man is wiser then 40 year man. It has direct relation to age but some people are naturally wise from their childhood. Abnormal people don’t have this sense that’s why one and all avoid to meet them. Persons gain it from lessons that life taught him or deceived from other. Next time before doing that he must think about it that happened with him in past.  

Below I am sharing some pictures that contain words of wisdom and optimist you will read these before. All quotes are heart-touching and bring change in person if you read them with true feelings. You will glad to see my effort. Don’t forget to tag or share it with your circles they visit and love them. 


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