How Can Quality of Institutions be improved?

Education is definitely more than going to school. It is learning, acquisition and knowledge of skills.Early childhood education is at the intersection of socio educational professionalism and municipal political responsibility. The aim of school institutions is not only to impart knowledge but also the fact that children learn the ways how to manage transitions successfully.

The prime focus should be on promoting natural knowledge. More emphasis should be made on subjects like Mathematics, media literacy, technology and science. Children should also be taught how to focus how to strengthen their family. This is always two sided, skills of parents also needs to be addressed. The purpose of education must be to instill learning and development.

Entrepreneurial thinking is a key to progress.This is the time we should start instilling entrepreneurial mindset among our school goers. Entrepreneurship is the name of an attitude, powerful values and settled convictions.These timeless principles can be used in any industry. It is a very positive aspect that our country has also realized this deficiency but still we have a room for a lot of improvement. Entrepreneurs are now patronized at state level in Pakistan. Plan 9, a recent example doing excellent job to nourish, promote and instill spirit of entrepreneurship among the young professionals. Although our market is surrounded by international entrepreneurs rendering useful services like this but slowly need of establishing own foundations have been accepted.

The key to our future success as a nation is to foster our schools today. One would not hesitate by having a look at the current scenario.

This article is written by Ahsan Hayat.

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