Worst inventions ever made

List of the worst inventions

Of course, human being is a great “inventor”, when you think about some of the best invention very useful for mankind such as; cars, boat, planes and so on.. Also, man has invented destructive weapons to impose order and rule others. Those invention can not be said to be very good on human health. Here, we are going to show you some inventions that does not belong to any of these two categories. These invention a for most of them a bit useless for us… Check out some of the worst inventions man made.

Fake man for real sleep:

Single Ladies ! Good news for you because this one is one good invention for you. This man doesn’t watch sport on TV, doesn’t play poker and doesn’t required much  for its maintenance  BUT will help you sleep better..



Restaurant accessory for your car

No time to eat home before going to work? This is the solution for you! Restaurant table for car so you can enjoy your meal while you drive but try to avoid turns simply go straight…


Adaptive Opening for chip bag

This one if a must… Think about it…


Tired of your bicycle

Try this…

dumb invent3

Ice cream protector

Every home needs one..


Privacy for Computer

No one respect your private life?  You have very important stuff on your computer that no one must see, find out or steal?

This is what you need…


Fake legs for sleeping problems

You will sleep like a baby…



Protects people from you… Now you can fart anywhere anytime! Wonder how often you should change the pads? Well depends on you!


Mobile Bathroom

The first two people using it are the luckiest..


Support for tooth paste

Very important bathroom accessory…


Underwear for hands

Underpants for you hands…

worst inventions

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